June 2014 update

Learn about the progress made on the allotment during June 2014

Sandra Eder

Volunteers at work
Southlands Road Allotment and Gardens Association
The allotment in June 2014
Southlands Road Allotment and Gardens Association
Cutting brambles at the allotment
Southlands Road Allotment and Gardens Association
Allotment volunteers tackling brambles
Southlands Road Allotment and Gardens Association

June 2014

Its been a difficult month due to the lack of rain, the ground is very hard and difficult to dig. We tried to use a rotivator to turn the soil with very little effect. We stuck to the old method of using a spade. We’ve had help from several plotholders, their children and grand children, who have spent from 30 minutes to 2 hours working on the plot.


Some brambles have been left so that we can harvest blackberries next year, other brambles have been dug up and burnt along with cutting from pruned fruit trees.

Creating seed trays

We will not be able to use plastic so we are going to recycle old wooden pallets to make our seed trays. First the pallets will be taken apart then cut to size, check out our progress next month.

Horse manure

Out thanks to Veolia who supplied us with horse manure.

Did you know?

Horse manure is a natural, organic substance that adds nutrients and organic matter to a garden’s soil. By turning horse manure into fertilizer you are benefiting the environment and improving soil conditions. A manure pile takes up to six months to decompose in the winter and up to three months in the summer. Mix the rotted manure into the soil to add nutrients or use it as an organic mulch.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_2226499_horse-manure-fertilizer.html

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  • Looks a really good projest and good luck on developing your ideas for next year. Enjoyed your visit up to Scotland.

    By Eric Burton (22/09/2014)

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